Welcome to One Day, Mommy!

One Day is my take on motherhood. To me the phrase “one day” is past,present, and future. It is encouraging and heartbreaking at the same. Being a mommy is so truly encouraging, life bringing, and slightly heartbreaking all at once.

As we look back on our favorite moments, we realize that there was one final time. We don’t always remember the day our little love stopped sleeping on our chest. Or, the day they stopped needing to be carried to the car, and walked by themselves instead. Then in the midst of exhaustion, doing the same load of laundry over and over, or fighting a picky eater; it’s encouraging to know that this is just one day. Today is only one day. Bedtime will eventually come! And, then with every phase, every new skill that seems to just be out of reach; one day it will click. One day that sweet baby, who only sleeps with you, will find their own bed. No high schooler still cosleeps. One day your stubborn – eh strong willed – two year will be a kid who actually eats more than chicken nuggets and fries.

So, take a deep breath Mommy, today is only one day!


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